About SuperFriendly

When filmmakers make films, they pick the people who best embody each role. David Fincher doesn’t always use Brad Pitt, even though he was fantastic in Fight Club and Se7en. Christopher Nolan doesn’t always use the same lead actor either. Leonardo DiCaprio was awesome in Inception, as was Guy Pearce in Memento, as was Christian Bale in the Batman movies, but you’d never interchange them—they were too perfectly cast. Leo as the Dark Knight? “I’m the king of the world, Alfred!” Too weird.

Similarly, SuperFriendly “casts” the best person for each role in your project. SuperFriendly doesn’t keep a full-time staff. Instead, we use what we lovingly call “The SuperFriendly Model.” We scrutinize your project’s needs and summon a super team—handpicked from among the best folks in the industry—to collaborate. Some projects need a handful of specialists, say, an information architect who has years of experience making sites for kids or a 3D animator with extensive knowledge of the home improvement industry. Other projects call for an army of variously tenured folks, from talented junior-level production people to seasoned veterans who call the shots.

The SuperFriends