Design Systems
Study Hall

Join the SuperFriends once a week in February as we walk you through our “Make Design Systems People Want to Use” course via live Zoom sessions and Slack.

Registration is currently closed for the February 2021 Study Hall. Join the waitlist to be notified about future Study Hall cohorts.

Many teams are on an island when it comes to a design system, especially if it’s their first time making and using one. Things may seem to be working fine, but is this how everyone does it? How do other teams your size manage their design system? What don’t you know? Design Systems Study Hall will help you learn from your peers by talking to other design system team members about what they’re learning and struggling with. You’ll pick up many new tips and tricks of the trade, all facilitated by a curated team of SuperFriends.

Your facilitators

Designer Afyia Smith (@afyiasmith) brings her experience working on the design system at Electronic Arts as well as various SuperFriendly projects.

Executive Producer and SuperFriendly Head of DesignOps Crystal Vitelli (@crystalvitelli) has produced many design system engagements, from United Airlines to the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and more.

Founder & CEO Dan Mall (@danmall) has worked on and consulted with design system teams from the Girl Scouts of America to Warby Parker to ExxonMobil and more.

How will Study Hall work?

Each week in February, we’ll ask you to watch a few chapters from our “Make Design Systems People Want to Use” course and give you a short homework assignment via Slack and email. Every Friday at 11am Eastern, the faciltators will hold live discussions via Zoom to talk through the lessons and homework assignments.

Once you register for, your welcome email will contain the first homework assignment in case you want to get a casual head start.

Connecting with industry peers felt like I was entering into a secret world where we were all able to understand each other’s design systems wins and pain points. We realized we have so much in common. Getting dedicated and organized time together proved to be incredibly valuable.

Heather Palmer, Design Program Manager, Zillow

Weekly Study Hall Sessions

  1. Design Systems Fundamentals. February 5, 2021 @ 11am–12:20pm Eastern
  2. Process & Workflow with Design Systems. February 12, 2021 @ 11am–12:20pm Eastern
  3. Measuring Success with Design Systems. February 19, 2021 @ 11am–12:20pm Eastern
  4. Design Systems Open Discussion. February 26, 2021 @ 11am–12:20pm Eastern

Do I have to already be enrolled in the “Make Design Systems People Want to Use” course?

Yes! Study Hall revolves around the content in that course. If you’ve already signed up and gone through it, great! (And thank you!) If you haven’t signed up for the course yet, your welcome email after you register will contain a special code to purchase a discounted version of the course. Your total combined price for Study Hall + course will be $299 ($99 for Study Hall, $199 for the course), a special price bundle we’re running for study group participants.

Time commitment

TLDR: up to 4 hours per week to level up your design system game. You’ll get the most out of Study Hall if you watch the videos, do the assignments, and use Slack to connect with your peers. Each week has up to 90 minutes of videos to watch, around a 1-hour homework assignment, a 90-minute Zoom session, and some time to participate in the Slack channel, interacting with your peers.


If you’re a woman, person of color, and/or part of any other group that’s underrepresented in the tech industry, you belong here and we would love for you to be part of Study Hall. If you can’t financially afford this study group but think it could make a big difference in your career, drop us a line at to let us know that and we’ll make sure you get in with no more questions asked.