Design Systems with SuperFriends

Learn to design, build, deploy, and use a design system from scratch in just 10 lessons—with friends!

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This 10-lesson course covers all the basics of how we at SuperFriendly create design systems for our clients. If you’re a designer, developer, or product manager looking to learn the nuts and bolts of design systems, this course is for you.

Lesson Description
Lesson 1 Introduction to Design Systems
Lesson 2 Processes, Workflows, and Frameworks
Lesson 3 Tools for Designers
Lesson 4 Tools for Developers
Lesson 5 Reference Sites
Lesson 6 Package Management
Lesson 7 Deviating from the System
Lesson 8 Pilots (part 1)
Lesson 9 Pilots (part 2)
Lesson 10 Final Project