What we do and who we’ve helped.

A sample of SuperFriendly’s work for the Technology industry

Design Systems for Technology

Technology companies need to exist across many different formats and platforms, from web to mobile to set-top boxes, car entertainment systems, and more. We’ve helped technology companies understand how to move fast without breaking things.

A sample of SuperFriendly’s work for the Education industry

Design Systems for Education

In environments governed by fiscal year budgets and admissions calendars, we’ve worked with many educational institutions to deploy design systems that serve a suite of constituents from students, faculty, alumni, local communities, and everything in-between.

A sample of SuperFriendly’s work for the Media & Publishing industry

Design Systems for Media & Publishing

Content is the heart of digital media. Our design systems for publishing partners help elegantly balance content delivery best practices with sustainable revenue models that help keep the lights on.

A sample of SuperFriendly’s work for the Non-Profits industry

Design Systems for Non-Profits

We’ve worked with many non-profits to help them create design systems that authentically and uniquely reflect the voices of the communities they represent.

A sample of SuperFriendly’s work for the Travel & Hospitality industry

Design Systems for Travel & Hospitality

Our design systems help travel & hospitality organizations scale their offerings for a world recovering and responding to a global pandemic.


We’ve created design systems for organizations in the entertainment, healthcare, finance, public, and communications industries… and more.

If your enterprise is struggling to scale design, we’d love to talk to you about how we can help.