SuperFriendly’s Purpose

SuperFriendly strives to create better opportunities for creative people to flourish.

We believe that creative people can enjoy an independent lifestyle that often feels at odds with full-time employment while still practicing our craft at the highest level and making a comfortable living doing it. Our vision is to create a model for others to observe, replicate, and improve upon so that as many SuperFriends as possible—that’s you too!—can both do fulfilling work and live fulfilling lives.

We’re working hard to see thousands of SuperFriends working on hundreds of projects every year, none of whom will be full-time employees. If you’re a creative person who wants to work this way, or if who work at a company that wants to work with people with this mindset, do drop us a line and say so.

Thanks to our SuperFriends at /purpose for reminding us that “the world would be a better place if the people trying to shape it spoke openly and plainly about their vision for the future.”