Jina Anne - Designing a Design System

Jina, a Lead Designer on the Design Systems team at Salesforce UX, will share strategies for how to approach, design and build an effective design system; how to successfully maintain the system to ensure ongoing usefulness; elements that design systems need to be sustainable that are critical for success.

Design Systems and Creativity - Jina Anne - Design Sytems London

Jina (@jina) was the first speaker of Design Sytems London 2018! She opened the conference with the talk Design Systems and Creativity.

Design Systems - The State of the Web

Rick chats with Adam Argyle (Design Advocate at Google) about the role of design systems in modern web development and how they can change the dynamics between designer and developer. Adam also talks about his tool VisBug and how it “makes any webpage feel like an artboard”.

Design Processes & Systems in Craft

Design shouldn’t be a siloed practice, but a collaborative effort rooted in process. How do we get there? In this session, we’ll look at how we can reframe our design approach to be more human-centric and systems-minded. We’ll look at each step of the process, through the lens of real world examples, to explore how we can cultivate design thinking within multidisciplinary teams to solve complex problems. And how CraftCMS is uniquely suited to drive this forward on the web!

Maintaining Design Systems

Front-end designer Brad Frost helps you learn how to keep your system and the products it serves in sync and understand how to maintain and evolve your design system to give your users get the best possible experience.

Introducing Design Systems Into Chaos - Diana Mounter, GitHub

Design Systems Lead at GitHub Diana Mounter shares practical examples on where to begin to set up a design system, what to prioritize, and how to make a big impact to customers and colleagues, to help you introduce systems that bring order to chaos.

Building Accessible Interfaces: Patterns And Techniques

In this session, Sara will be building and refactoring common UI components, and share a couple of techniques she often uses to build with accessibility in mind. Even though she will be building only as many patterns as the time allows, you’ll leave with many small but important and impactful strategies that you can apply to many other UI components, as well as to your design process and coding. From this sweet series of mini component-level case studies, you will learn how to think, and code, accessibly.

The Imposter's Design System - Ed Chao, Product Designer, Dropbox

Ed Chao shares practical strategies for influencing adoption and building authority so that you can transform your aspirational design system into the real deal.

Design Systems with Soul | Product Designer at Google | Reed Enger

Reed shares his experience evolving a design system at Google, creating a system to rewrite history and share how design systems can be used to create meaningful experiences, tell stories, and embrace constant change.

DesignTalk Ep. 65: Design systems—Zero to one

Paul Farino discusses the lifecycle and iterative nature of building a design system. He’ll cover creating buy-in with internal stakeholders and tactical ways to scale and maintain a design system.

What is a Design System? Design Systems 101 for Designers

A deep dive into the world of design systems and figure out exactly what they are

How To Build a Design System | UXPin

I will teach you how to build a UX Design System using the UX Pin prototyping & design platform.